Lactalis Group

Opening the world to the best of dairy

  • World leading dairy group
  • World leader in the cheese market

Founded in 1933, Lactalis is a French family-owned dairy company that remains a landmark of dairy-making traditions and industrial know-how. Lactalis offers high-quality, nutritional, and delicious tasting products both in France and abroad.

  • Turnover: 18,4 billion euros
  • 80,000 employees with a presence in over 88 countries
  • 240 production sites in over 47 countries

Lactalis is a dairy group with strong international scope.

  • Europe 32,000 employees
  • America 18,900 employees
  • Asia/Oceania 10,700 employees
  • Africa 9,900 employees

Lactalis Group gathers together leading, renowned international brands:

Lactalis Group

Lactalis International